Borders, Boundaries & Liminal Spaces

About the Conference

The Ars Virtua Conference: "Borders, Boundaries & Liminal Spaces" was originally conceived to be an extension of our concept of the new media center. It also seemed logical to have a conference about liminal spaces inside of one. Truly, the conference afforded us an opportunity to interrogate the space more thoroughly. Aside from the specifics of the topics covered (remains, the body from within and without, present and future, and the manipulation of the system) the conference was particularly enlightening with respect to the engine of Second Life and communication within that medium.

On the whole the conference illuminated the tenuous nature of presence within the space of SL and though it was an unintended consequence and emphasized the liminal nature of the environment. For an example of what we were attempting, I recommend the "Game the System" session.

I am particularly grateful to the people without whom this conference would not have happened, the members of Ars Virtua who dedicated a great deal of time and energy towards organizing and executing the conference: Thomas Asmuth, John Bruneau, Carlos Castellanos, and Kyungwha Lee. Gratitude is also due to our brave presenters for keeping the intellectual bar set very high. Finally, this work could not have been done without the support of the CADRE Laboratory for New Media and Bruce Gardner in particular.

--James Morgan
Director Ars Virtua


(Thursday, April 26, 2007)
Laura Jones, Brad Kligerman, Renée Ridgway
Moderator: James Morgan

Out of Body
(Friday, April 27, 2007)
Michele White, Eloise Pasteur, Dore Bowen
Moderator: Thomas Asmuth

Body in Quotes
(Friday, April 27, 2007)
Nathaniel Stern, Jeremy Turner, Stuart Bunt
Moderator: Carlos Castellanos

Game the System
(Saturday April 28, 2007)
Joseph DeLappe, Trevor Smith, Patrick Lichty Moderators: John Bruneau, Kyungwha Lee

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