At the beginning of the project the SV research team consulted expert Jan English- Lueck regarding what made Silicon Valley so successful. She mentioned that although most people think of technology when they think of Silicon Valley the main reason the area continues to thrive is because of the wide range of diversity. Furthermore, she noted the acceptance of diverse ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientation is higher in this area than other places trying to replicate it.
After the initial research some of the team members travelled around the Silicon Valley taking photographs of the area. It was noted that there are huge socioeconomic differences. Many of the places with technological industry are surrounded by upscale expensive homes and shopping whereas the areas in between are littered with empty storefronts, aged homes, and vacant lots. Upon further research one thing was clear, with the integration of the technology industry came an even wider stratification of wealth.
The SV team decided to take a look back into the past of Silicon Valley, formerly Valley of the Hearts Delight. Prior to the technological boom the area was filled with orchards and agriculture.

Due to working collaboratively with people spread out all over the world the project uses Minecraft, a game with sandbox design, as a meeting and workspace. We are able to
collaborate our builds and communicate about research all within this environment.

Some of the first objects brought out of the project were built in Minecraft, exported, and eventually 3D printed into physical space. Ideas quickly began circulating about building large-scale transistors in an orchard, bringing the technology back to the roots of the original area.