Brad Kligerman will present a program of short videos that illustrate his current exhibit at Ars Virtua and his residency.

"SL is unique, even as far a synthetic worlds are concerned, due to the fact that all of the its material artifacts are invented, fabricated and owned by its citizens. The world's creators provide the material context (the physical rules and the tools with which to manipulate them) and the social-spatial fabric emerges from a multiplicity of intentions and interests that migrate with its inhabitants. Observation reveals that most of this content, the buildings, clothes, weapons... are replicas of similarly functioning objects from the real world. In the case of objects representing the inhabited environment, this reveals a strange inconsistency in that the SL objects do not function at all like their RL counterparts. This begs the question for the invention of spaces & forms, buildings & agglomerations, programs & structures that are emerging from real SL usages, and not just a symbol of an intention." -- Kligerman

Kligerman will talk about how his interaction and experiments during his residency effected his final work in the gallery. He will show how his work represents the depth and breadth of his experience during the 11 week period. His video presentation will examine his view of the different sources of "creation" in Second Life and his push toward fully "native" experiences.

"Avatars "Engage" in this process which projects them from image to project site in a transformative process expressing the inherent condition of immaterial space. It is a function of frames per second, flickering forever between Image+Space: 2-D+3-D, concept+fabrication, machine+architecture, actual+virtual..." -- Kligerman



Alain Della Negra and Kaori Kinoshita are artists, working on virtual worlds. They present their last documentary about "Second Life" univers and users. This documentary will interrogate the notion of the virtual life.

For those who wish to live in this virtual world, "Second Life" offers the chance to create, manage and develop their own alternate reality. With these kinds of possibilities, and a population that is in constant growth, "Second Life" has political ramifications. Who decides the rules applied in this virtual world? What laws, what measures need to be defined? Where is the frontier between the virtual and the real, and how is it transmuted? This documentary aims to elucidate the porous nature between real and virtual worlds.

Marie Lechner is journalist at Liberation, and at Ecrans website.