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WoW Temporary Autonomous Zones

A few months ago, I approached my colleagues with the idea that we could do a perfomance on the platform World of Warcraft based on the theories of Hakim Bey the anarchistic writer who wrote about the courageous acts of art making and intervention without arrogance or ceremony. The text is a beautiful description of those who take the chance and create for the sheer thrill of being in it.

The ideas behind TAZ is to take charge and be in the moment. Coupled with the critical reflections about the romanticisms of neo-medievalism* inherent in the platform and in our suburban communities and lives, I am interested in really engaging the platform and expressing the culture and power structures of the fiefdom.

I have attached my proposal/manifesto: WoW Temporary Autonomous Zones

-Thomas Asmuth/Owen Moore of Demon Soul/ Myriam Moore of Demon Soul/Zuluu of Kilrogg etc etc

*I owe a great debt to the writings and work of Eddo Stern , who first brought my attention to Humberto Ecco’s writings on neo-medievalism. Please see: A Touch of Medieval: Narrative, Magic and Computer Technology in Massively Multiplayer Computer Role-Playing Games

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